Tailor's Chalk

Chalk of high and reliable quality is indispensable in the professional tailoring sector.
In our Schlemming webshop you will find chalks for various areas of application and requirements:

• (break-resistant) tailor's chalk: the high-quality tailor's chalk is a square, partly break-resistant, clay chalk that can be brushed out and is available in different colours. You can use our chalk powder T1, especially for skirt rounders which is also available in different colours
• For materials that are difficult to mark, such as wool, leather or smooth surfaces, we recommend wax crayons or fat tailors' chalk, these types of chalk are difficult to remove. Discover the diverse color selection of wax and fat tailor's chalk in our Schlemming webshop
• Do you need chalk (powder) that dissolves by itself after a few days or is easy to remove when ironing? Well, we recommend to use our subliming chalk or subliming powder. These products are chemically produced chalks, because of this they are only available in white
• For extra fine markings in various colors, you will find the Clover Chaco Liner in the Schlemming webshop. The Clover Chaco Liners have a handy lipstick shape, are easy to close and to refill

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Dressmarker Pencil

0,82 € *
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Tailor's Chalk

starting from 6,39 € *
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Tailor's Wax Chalk (50 pieces)

starting from 13,36 € *
Available now!

Sublimating chalk

starting from 2,94 € *
Available now!

Tailor's Sublimating Chalk 1-2 days

starting from 2,60 € *
Available now!

Tailor's Sublimating Chalk 3-5 days

starting from 2,84 € *
Available now!

Tailor's Sublimating Chalk 5-6 days

starting from 3,25 € *
Available now!

Clover Chaco Liner

starting from 6,12 € *
Available now!

Chalk Powder For Chaco Liner

3,40 € *
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Chalk Marker Imperator

26,22 € *
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Chalk Powder T1 1 kg (2 ltr)

starting from 14,13 € *
14,13 € per 1 kg
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Sublimating powder white 500g

48,23 € *
96,46 € per 1 kg
Available now!