About us

Schablonen Fabrik

On 1st of october 1850 Mr. Wilhelm Schlemming opened his engraving- and coining company. The changeful history of company started with coining of medals, hand engraving, embroidery- and signature patterns.

Favoured by its location of Bielefeld as laundry- und linen metropolis, the production of cardboard- and metal patterns for textile blanking began. The wished patterns has been developed and produced by us.

In following years the company developed to an tecnical whole sale for devisions Cutting, Design and Production. The wide delivery programme has more than 20.000 article. Heat seal iron, special paper, measuring- und designen equipment, shears, marking equipment and chalks, model dummys, garment racks and many more.

About 40% of this equipment for textile production are exported worldwide, with focus on Europe, Egypt and Asia. High percentage of those items are produced in Germany and other parts of european union or imported from Japan.

For over 160 years the company has been established. Today, the family company is still independent.

Impression of our showroom