Stitching threads Standard

The standard stitching threads from Avery Dennison and Tag Pin are suitable for labeling a large variety of clothing items of your professional collection.

Paddle stitching threads are the most common form of clothing labeling. Its larger end, the paddle, is designed not to slip out of the hole in the label.

Avery Dennison T-end stitching threads are less obtrusive than paddle stitching threads. They are used for labeling, grouping goods and packaging.

You can pierce different fabrics with the Avery Dennison and Tag Pin standard stitching threads
without leaving any damage to the fabric.
You can also get our standard stitching threads in the Schlemming webshop in
different lengths and partially different colours.

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Avery Dennison Fasteners standard (5.000 pieces)

starting from 13,31 € *
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13,31 € *
Available now!

Tag Pin Fastener Standard (5.000 pieces)

starting from 6,50 € *
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Avery Dennison T-End Fasteners 10 mm standard (5.000 pieces)

37,28 € *
Available now!

Avery Dennison Fasteners PP 25 mm standard (10.000 pieces)

25,74 € *
Available now!

Avery Dennison T-End Fasteners 25 mm standard (5.000 pieces)

48,84 € *
Available now!
102,52 € *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 84 days

Avery Dennison T-End Fasteners 231 mm standard (5.000 pieces)

87,67 € *
Available now!