Are you looking for high quality fasteners?
In the Schlemming webshop you will find a whole range of high-quality Prym jump and spring hooks, eyes, washers and sliders.
These are available, depending on the variant, in units of 12, 500 and 1000 units and in different colours.
The jacket hooks from Prym are designed to close heavy and thick fabrics, e.g. jackets, traditional costumes or
heavy skirts.
With Prym spring hooks you can grip and align wire connections and hang tension springs in and out.

The Belgian subsidiary of Prym, "Eclaire Prym", offers high quality spiral sliders and zipper tapes in its extensive product range.

In the Schlemming webshop you will also find the REGUR EP 30 punch and eyelet pliers from the renowned pliers company "Dr. Gold" for professional attachment of the closures.
With the stable and chrome-plated Dr. Gold REGUR EP 30 punching and eyelet pliers ensure the permanent connection of documents and long-lasting hole reinforcement of textiles, leather, cardboard, etc.