Sealing pliers and attachments

To safe your textile fabricats from burglary use high quality sealing pliers in conjunction with a locking wire and a seal made of plastic or lead.

The wire is passed through the seal, knotted in the seal chamber and pressed together with the sealing pliers what. This combination proved its worth for many years and is known as being particularly stable and theft-proof.

Everything you need for retaining your textile fabrics is available in our Schlemming webshop, of course in a high quality.


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Seal Notcher 24/2 Mignon

75,00 € *
Available now!

Seal Wire 0,5 x 0,3 mm (100 meter)

15,47 € *
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Plastic Seals (10 mm) 1000 pcs.

32,00 € *
Available now!

Plumb Seals (10 mm) 1kg

21,42 € *
Available now!