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ROBUSO/SOLINGEN/GERMANY is the brand for high quality shears. Specification of "SOLINGEN-Law" and DIN-specifications are toped by quality of Robuso products. ROBUSO-shears are products for heavy demands.

ROBUSO-shears are made of special steel for shears which are forged with high precision.

The excellent industrial scissors made by Robuso consist of a steel called C 60 which includes a high carbon fibre level.
These shears offer a toughness of 57-59 HRC, so you can be sure of a high edge-holding property.

The brilliant polishers - who work for the German company Robuso - harden the commodity-steel  and forge the blades from inside and outside on a wet grinder. In  the course of this special manufacturing process the inner surface is provided with a very precise hollow grinding.

Afterwards the well-versed polishers forge and dry the blades fine-grinding in a process of outstanding handmade art.

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