Flat rulers

Whether for use in the office, at school or in professional technician's branches, the Rumold company has got the right flat ruler in its repertoire for every type of use and in different lengths, each of the Rumold flat rulers is "Made in Germany".

You cannot only choose the right length of your Rumold flat ruler, but also between different materials: aluminum, plastic or natural wood. The technician's ruler is made of sturdy plexiglass.

Except for the model for school use, all Rumold flat rulers are equipped with an ink edge.

Each of the named Rumold flat rulers can be purchased in the Schlemming webshop.

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Rumold ruler

starting from 3,07 € *
Available now!

Rumold high quality ruler

starting from 3,45 € *
Available now!

Rumold office ruler

starting from 4,41 € *
Available now!

Rumold wooden ruler

starting from 1,00 € *
Available now!

Rumold desk ruler

1,91 € *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 3 days

Rumold school ruler 17 cm transparent

0,45 € *
Available now!