Skirt markers

To be able to stake out and mark the length of a skirt on the desired fabric precisely, you need a skirt marker.
Whether for the professional or the more upscale hobby area, you will find the right skirt marker in the Schelmming webshop.

We sell a qualitative, but rather simple skirt marker, with which you can set exact markings, but you have to "wear" the skirt marker around the bust by yourself. If you need a mobile skirt marker, you can order a skirt marker with rollers which is also rather simple, but of high quality.

The "Fadomat" skirt marker is mobile on rollers and has got a thread feed. With the help of the Fadomat you will be able to make an exact marking, not least thanks to the built-in looped thread.

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549,00 € *
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Skirt Marker with wheels 80 cm

108,00 € *
Available now!

Needle Sushion for skirt marker

5,21 € *
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Atomizer for skirt marker

13,44 € *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 7 days

Ball for skirt marker

11,76 € *
Available now!

Hose for skirt marker

6,83 € *
Available now!

Skirt Marker 90 cm

25,76 € *
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8,22 € *
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9,18 € *
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Chalk Powder T1 1 kg (2 ltr)

starting from 14,09 € *
14,09 € per 1 kg
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