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The lights from the Maul company impress with their design, energy efficiency and reliable quality.
The development team of the German manufacturer Maul has been working on lights for more than 20 years, and the Maul long-term test laboratory is exemplary. The required guidelines, laws, ordinances and standards are reliably fulfilled by the Maul lights and have been tested at least twice to ensure optimum safety.
The Maul company relies particularly on energy-saving lighting technology, MAUL lights made in Germany are designed to be sustainable, from production to use to recycling.

The first-class Maul lights are available in different versions in the Schlemming webshop.

You will also find the clamps from the company Maul with the name "mauly".

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Led magnifying lamp MAULcrystal, dimmbar

236,01 € *
Available now!

Led magnifying lamp MAULviso

109,44 € *
Available now!

Mini Cloth Clamp 7,5 cm

3,59 € *
Available now!

Mini Cloth Clamp 9,5 cm

3,91 € *
Available now!

Mini Cloth Clamp 12,5 cm

4,41 € *
Available now!

Mini Cloth Clamp 12,5 cm grey

4,37 € *
Available now!