Marking tools

Precise marking tools are just as important in professional tailoring as reliable cutting tools.
In order to meet every requirement for marking utensils, please visit our Schlemming webshop.
You find a large selection of high-quality chalks, refill, sublimate or commercially available pens, trick markers,
copy wheels, UV markers, skirt rounders or stamps and paginers.
Due to their large product range, the manufacturers "Staedtler", "Lyra" and "Reiner" are represented in their own categories.

Of course, we offer a number of different equipment articles, such as chalk sharpeners or holders in the Schlemming webshop.

Tailor's Chalk

Chalk of high and reliable quality is indispensable in the...

Sublimating pens and trickmarkers

Chako Ace Pens For dressmaking, handicraft, embroidery,...

Fluorescent marking

Work equipment with which UV markings are possible are often and...

Tracing wheels

Shapes can be easily and quickly transferred to fabrics or...

Skirt markers

To be able to stake out and mark the length of a skirt on...


In order to be able to use your high-quality marking tools for a...

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