Fluorescent marking

Work equipment with which UV markings are possible are often and gladly used in professional tailoring.
You find everything you need to mark different materials in our Schlemming webshop.

• We sell LED lighting instruments that generate black light and thus make the UV markings visible. The LED lighting instruments are available either as a flashlight, a hand lamp or a practical and comfortable table lamp with a stand
• There are two versions of UV ink in the Schlemming webshop: on the one hand water-based UV ink, this ink is proven to be non-toxic and on the other hand alcohol-based UV ink which is suitable for marking well-absorbent surfaces; both versions are available in different bottle sizes and in the UV-luminous colours blue and green; if you need to mark leather, better take the green UV ink
• For fine or wide UV markings on textiles, we have got the blue glowing UV pencil and the UV felt pen in the Schlemming webshop. The UV felt pen is available with a wide or a fine tip, in a filled or unfilled form and it can be refilled
• Our UV wax crayons are also bright blue; the UV fat mine lights up in green

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UV Pencil blue

1,74 € *
Available now!

Fluorescent Felt Pen (2 mm point)

4,47 € *
Available now!

Fluorescent Felt Pen (5 mm point)

4,20 € *
Available now!

Fluorescent Ink (with solvent)

starting from 56,23 € *
Available now!

Fluorescent Ink (water based)

starting from 41,08 € *
Available now!

UV Leads 100 x 3 mm green (12 pieces)

8,32 € *
Available now!

UV Wax Chalk blue (50 pieces)

19,90 € *
Old price: 24,92 €
Available now!

LED UV Flashlight (12 LEDs)

10,71 € *
Available now!

Handheld Blacklight 13 cm

8,30 € *
Available now!

Black Light Table Lamp

115,34 € *
Available now!