Laboratory scales | round specimen cutters

Are you looking for an extremely precise and reliable scale for your professional work?

Excellent, you find two models of precision scales made by the renowned company Sartorius in our Schlemming webshop. 

In addition to the extremely precise weight information, both models come up uwith a logical
and intuitive key assignment, so you can use your new, first-class Sartorius precision scale immediately after its implementing.

The round specimen cutter enables you to take exact samples from the selected material.
We sell the round specimen cutter in a set with a suitable cutting mat made of foam rubber.
Of course, you can get spare blades for your round specimen cutter in our Schlemming webshop.

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Spare Blade for Sample Cutter PS 100

1,83 € *
Available now!

Sample Cutter PS 10 with cutting mat

529,92 € *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 2 days

Sample Cutter PS 100

535,50 € *
Available now!

Spare Blade for Sample Cutter PS 100

0,48 € *
Available now!