Lyra industrial pens and equipment

The well-known traditional company Lyra has got many pens perfectly suitable for your professional activities.
For many special trades you will find exactly the right pen in Lyra's extensive product range.

For markings on wood, you get Lyra carpenter pencils with an extremely break-proof lead in hardness 2H, carpenter pencils from Lyra with oval break-proof lead in our Schlemming webshop. And for markings on both dry and wet wood, we recommend the high-quality and extremely robust lead copy pen made by Lyra.

Do you need a high-quality writing instrument for marking smooth surfaces that are easy to remove? The Lyra universal pen is designed for easily removable markings on glass or plastic.

The Lyra stone carver's pen is equipped with an oval shape, a particularly break-proof lead, so it is ideal for Setting marks on stone and the like.

Last but not least, you will find a water paint box from Lyra in the Schlemming webshop in a set with 12 colours, opaque white and a brush.

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Lyra Cellucolor universal pen

1,01 € *
Available now!

Lyra Gärtnerstift wetterfest

0,88 € *
Available now!

Lyra Plast-o-mark Universal pen

1,21 € *
Available now!

Lyra pen for stone engraver 331 24 cm (12 pieces)

16,73 € *
Available now!

Lyra Tischlerbleistift 17,8 cm

0,69 € *
Old price: 0,82 €
Available now!

Lyra Universalschreiber Cellugraph 1174 Orlow 24 cm

2,19 € *
Available now!

Lyra sharpener

46,43 € *
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Lyra Blei-Kopierstift 334® PROFI 24 cm (12 pieces)

22,61 € *
Available now!

Lyra Carpenter pencil 333 (12 pieces)

14,94 € *
Available now!