Pattern notcher and cancellation pliers

You get premium pattern notcher pliers in our Schlemming webshop. These high quality tools are made to fabricate patterns and pre-cuts or to set markers onto papers, fabrics or paperboards.

Most of the pattern notcher pliers - available in our Schlemming webshop - are made in Germany and produced of reliable and robust steel which means a longtime use. One pattern notcher plier is made in China which is not as durable as the other pattern notcher pliers, but it is a good and cheaper alternative for occassional usage.

We also offer premium cancellation pliers which can be used for voiding tickets or marking inspection plates.

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Pattern Notcher semi circular 2 x 7 mm

17,50 € *
Available now!

Control nippers

72,32 € *
Available now!

Controll Nippers (2 mm round hole)

72,32 € *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 14 days