Punching tools

Are you searching for high quality tools to cut precisely through threads, rubber, paper or leather?

Well, welcome to our large range of different premium punching tools in our Schlemming webshop.

You also get first-class pattern notcher and cancellation pliers which are often used in the textile and event industry sector. Most of the pattern notcher pliers are made in Germany and produced of hardened steel which confer a longtime usability.

Fing your right punching tool in our Schlemming webshop.

Pattern notcher and cancellation pliers

You get premium pattern notcher pliers in our Schlemming...

Hollow and hole punches

Hollow and hole punches can be used for punching materials like...

Eye pliers

A lot of people working in the textile industry use eye pliers...

Sealing pliers and attachments

To safe your textile fabricats from burglary use high quality...

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