Tailor's awls

You need high-quality awls to punch fine holes in fabrics professionally.

In the Schlemming webshop we present awls from the quality company "Prym".
The Prym awls are equipped with a plastic handle and a steel needle. Furthermore the Prym
tailor's awl has got an ergonomic handpiece with a soft grip.
The awl needles which are built in the Prym awls are not interchangeable.

Would you prefer using a steel awl with a wooden handle?
We sell such a steel awl with a wooden handle in the Schlemming webshop in a variant without the possibility of replacement
and one which features a brass thread that is ideal for quickly replacing awl needles.
Of course, you can also find the right awl needles in the lengths of 50, 60 or 70 mm right here in our Schlemming webshop.

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Wooden Awl Handle

5,53 € *
Available now!

Awl Needles

starting from 0,83 € *
Available now!

Prym Awl with plastic handle and point protector (1 pc)

3,36 € *
Available now!

Wooden Punch 16 cm

2,76 € *
Available now!

Prym Awl ergonomic (1 pc)

5,47 € *
Available now!