Stamp numbering apartus'

Stamp numbering aparatus' from the German company "Reiner" meet the highest demands, both in the professional as well as in the hobby area.

The Reiner stamp numbering aparatus' B2 and C1 are designed for "heavier"everyday use. With the Reiner stamp numbering aparatus' B2 and C1 you can do your work quickly and reliably. With the built-in line pointer accurate work is guaranteed.

For everyday office applications we recommend the Reiner stamp numbering aparatus B6K.

The classic digit band stamp from Trodat is particularly popular in the professional tailoring industry. With the Trodat digit band stamp classic you can easily stamp model cuts and routing slips.

Of course, you can purchase the Trodat classic digit band stamp and different versions of the Reiner stamp number aparatus' in the Schlemming webshop. We offer high quality accessories for the metioned marking tools, too.

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Trodat Rubber Stamp Classic

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Reiner B6 numbering machine

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Automatic Numbering Machine B6K

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Automatic Numbering Machine B2

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Reiner Numbering Machine C1

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Reiner Colorbox 1

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Reiner Colorbox 2

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