Pens & clutch pencilsl

For all marking projects in the textile sector, we offer a large variety of different pens and pencils in our Schlemming webshop.

• "Dress Marker" tailor's chalk pens: the "Dress Markers" tailor's chalk pens are very popular with our customers, they are available in three colours and have got an eraser brush; you will also find a chalk lead set from "Signet Color" and Prym lead pencils in our range, each of these refill pencils can be used with many textiles
• From "Faber Castell" we offer the "TK pens" which are extremely popular among designers and technicians. The TK pens from Faber Castell are available with pencil leads with different hardness grades and versions, the Faber Castell pencil leads are break-proof, slippery and easy to erase
• The "Sewline Fabric Pencil" is a reliable and robust lead pencil for drawing on rough surfaces. The Sewline Fabric Pencil is equipped with a 0.9 mm ceramic lead and an eraser, furthermore the mark can be easily removed when washing.
• If you need to work with materials which are difficult to mark, such as leather, glass or plastic, we recommend the leather markers from "Lyra", the water-soluble "Stabilo All" pens in various colours, easy-to-erase ballpoint pens and the spare leads in silver for marking on light or dark surfaces and the "Esbe Peel-Off Markers" which leave a film on the leather that becomes rubbery after drying and can be easily rubbed off.
• Retouch buttonholes or fabric defects with the high quality "Textilan retouching pens". The Textilan retouching pens are also available in a set of 10 Jeans colour variants
• Do you have to set markings on certain fabrics that should be seen even after several washes? The "permanent wash markers" from Staedtler and the "permanent wash markers" from Newhouse No. 1 are the right choice