Stamping ink

The German brand Coloris stands for stamp and numbering inks as well as the associated thinning materials of the highest quality.
Each of the presented Coloris stamping inks is available in the Schlemming webshop in various colors and bottle sizes.

• The Coloris stamping ink Berolin AristonP is washable, resistant to common solvents in chemical cleaning and does not attack natural fibers
• For numbering aparatus' we recommend the oil-based Coloris numbering ink 34P. The Coloris numbering ink 4734P is particularly suitable for absorbent materials, so it is very popular for stamping paper without sticking together.
• The Coloris universal stamping ink R9 is highly valued in the professional sector for its outstanding weatherproof durability on light-colored materials as well as various types of plastic and rubber.
• Dark materials can be stamped with the Coloris universal stamping ink R9P.
• We sell Coloris first-class universal stamping inks on offer for food packaging, too, namely the Coloris universal stamping ink R9FP and the particularly quick-drying Coloris universal stamping ink R9FP / ST.

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Thinner 405 for R9 (1 ltr)

19,97 € *
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Numbering Ink

45,50 € *
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Coloris stamping ink for textiles Berolin-Ariston P (250 g)

22,44 € *
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Solvent No. 465 for Berolin-AristonP (1 ltr)

19,84 € *
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Coloris Universal Stamping Ink R9

starting from 24,00 € *
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